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Monster Curry

Demi-glace Japanese Curry Rice

What’s so MONSTROUS About Our Curry Rice

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The monstrous portions that match the colossal taste we deliver. Serving them in our iconic 35 cm and 41cm sized plates.

Monster Curry plate size
Monster Curry Jumbo Plate
Cooking Curry Sauce

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Embarking on a journey since 2012 with our signature demi-glace Japanese curry sauce while pushing the boundaries to your imaginations.

From a classic katsu curry rice to monster curry burger, even vegetarian options

Monster Curry Signature Demi-glace Japanese Curry

It is a fusion of flavours and a dance to 14 different spices and vegetables, leading to the creation of Monster Curry’s signature demi-glace Japanese curry.

To give the curry sauce an extra kick, Monster Curry serves all its dishes at five different levels of spiciness, thanks to a hot sauce that is a concoction of chilli padi, garlic, ginger and celery.

Spicy Level