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What’s so MONSTROUS About Our Curry Rice

Big on size and Big on taste!

Monster Curry has set a new trend in Japanese cuisine for Singapore since 2012. Our curry rice come in 35cm and 41cm sized plates, giving us good reasons to call ourselves Monster Curry. Share the monstrous plates of delicious curry with your friends and families, and Love the company.

Monster Curry plate size
Monster Curry Jumbo Plate
Cooking Curry Sauce

Monster Curry Signature Demi-glace Japanese Curry

Recognised for our signature deep, dark and rich brown sauce, it is the special concoction made with 14 different vegetables, fruits and spices which results in the fragrant curry that makes Japanese curry-fanatic craves for more.

Curry Spices

5 levels of spiciness with homemade chilli sauce

For the extra kick and flavour, level it up with the flaming chilli hearts. Each heart is carefully drawn with the fiery fusion of chilli padi, garlic, ginger, celery and other secret ingredients.

Spicy Level

The Original Demi-Glace
Japanese Curry

Original Japanese Curry

Maximum Umami!

Being the pioneer of demi-glace Japanese cuisine in Indonesia, Monster Curry takes great care in sourcing and preparing all its ingredients to achieve culinary excellence.

Our signature Japanese curry is lavishly poured over a bed of rice and adorned with an array of carefully selected components, delivering an exceptional umami experience. Don’t miss out on our standout Japanese curry creations, including the Ebi Tempura Curry and the Classic Japanese Curry.