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Monster Curries

Our Story

In 2012, Monster Curry made its debut in Singapore, quickly earning widespread acclaim. The brand has subsequently experienced rapid growth, with its outlets adorned in vibrant and eye-catching colors, embodying the playful “monster” theme.

Its claim to fame lies in the signature Japanese demi-glace curry, meticulously prepared over a span of two days, utilizing a diverse array of 14 vegetables and spices. Over the years, the demand for Japanese Monster Curry has steadily risen.


Maximum Umami!

Our Japanese curry rice is a labor of love, slow-cooked over a span of two days to unlock its full umami potential. It arrives with a delightful array of katsu items. Our Combo Curries are a true spectacle, served on an impressive 41-cm plate, making them perfect for sharing between two.

Prepare to be captivated by the unmistakable taste crafted from fresh fruits, all within the confines of a unique Japanese curry that offers a choice of spiciness levels. This extraordinary experience is complemented by a diverse selection of accompaniments on a colossal 41cm-diameter plate.